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MYP Science Online Tutors:

Science and the scientific method offers a way of learning that contributes to the development of analytical and critical thinking skills in different subjects in Science Course. MYP science aims to develop students as scientifically literate inquirers who are able to think critically and creatively to solve problems and make decisions affecting themselves, others and their social and natural environments.

With this Course Student makes an understanding and Knowing about the Subject terminologies and Methodologies. Students requires inquiring and designing of the core values and concepts of Subjects under this Course.

Science Course includes the Informational and basic as well as Advanced concepts and terms of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is taught with a cross curricular approach.

Teaching Methodology:

Pas Class IB affirms the dynamic pattern of the three stages – inquiry, action, and reflection as essential relationships found in every unit of study under the MYP Science Course. The rationale here is to inculcate the habits of going that extra mile in researching the topics, develop critical thinking and above all attain mastery on the subjects The MYP instructional model follows an inquiry-based approach.  

MYP Science tutoring aims at making difficult concepts, easy to grasp by connecting subject material to real-life concepts that students will be associated with. All our MYP Science tutors online are well qualified and well passionate teachers who have a vast experience and expertise in online teaching. Our Science tutors hold higher level qualifications in a field of Science and have completed a successful number of online tutoring hours in the years of association with us. They Focus on Each and Every Student as per Mind Level and Understand concepts according to them.

Significance of MYP Science Course:

MYP science courses can include Interconnected science units with each other that explore concepts, skills and Knowledge from Different science disciplines.

Each approach allows students to meet all subject group objectives. Schools offering integrated science courses can register students to receive IB-validated grades through MYP assessments.

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