IB Spanish Online Tutors


Pas Class IB Online Spanish Tutoring is one of the most reputed Language learning centre in India. If you are looking for a private IB Online Spanish Tutor in Delhi NCR to better understand the excellent points of the Spanish, you can easily seek help from our very experienced Spanish Tutor.

One of the subjects offered in the IB Diploma is Spanish. There are three levels of IB Spanish offered by IB schools.

  • IB Spanish Ab – Initio
  • IB Spanish B SL
  • IB Spanish B HL

Pas Class IB Spanish tutoring is a great education platform aiming to provide high-quality education to students through one to one interactive Spanish lessons conducted by highly qualified and Professional Spanish teachers across the World.

Our IB Spanish teacher constitutes with determined & experienced scholars with the skills of autonomous problem solving and troubleshooting ability, prioritising the needs of every IB students that Each and every Student Understand Spanish Language.

We have a group of experienced and qualified IB Spanish tutors spread all over Delhi NCR. All our IB Spanish tutors are connected with Each Other as well as with all IB Spanish Students that if a student have any confusion he/she consults with any of the Online Tutor. Our Tutors are well qualified and are well abridged with the IB criterion and guides the student according to the syllabus and needs. So, that Students ace their exam in IB Spanish Language.

We help every student to a variety of authentic texts, gifting an inbuilt Interactive & receptive skill through Contextualized study of language, texts & themes. We expertise the students through assessments and assignments at both SL & HL level, through listening, & speaking in a genuine conversation format that they understands well, presentation & discussion with the scholars, and an oral interaction based on the core Modules. We will track and monitor Each Student's activity and inform their parents to their performance.