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IB Maths Online Tutors: Mathematics has been described as the study of structure, order and relation that has evolved from the practices of counting, measuring and describing objects. Mathematics provides a unique language to describe, explore and communicate the nature of the world we live in as well as being a constantly building body of knowledge and truth in itself that is distinctive in its certainty. These two aspects of mathematics, a discipline that is studied for its intrinsic pleasure and a means to explore and understand the world we live in, are both separate yet closely linked.

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IB Maths is driven by abstract concepts and generalization. This mathematics is drawn out of ideas, and develops through linking these ideas and developing new ones. These mathematical ideas may have no immediate practical application. Doing such mathematics is about digging deeper to increase mathematical knowledge and truth. The new knowledge is presented in the form of theorems that have been built from axioms and logical mathematical arguments and a theorem is only accepted as true when it has been proven. The body of knowledge that makes up mathematics is not fixed; it has grown during human history and is growing at an increasing rate.

The Nature of IB Maths online Courses:

The structure of IB DP Mathematics Analysis and Approaches: (AA) Standard Level and Higher Level courses, with two different routes to choose from, recognizes the two different aspects of mathematics discussed in the introduction.

Mathmatics: (AA-HL/SL) Analysis and Approaches is for students who enjoy developing their mathematics to become fluent in the construction of mathematical arguments and develop strong skills in mathematical thinking. They will also be fascinated by exploring real and abstract applications of these ideas, with and without technology. Students who take Mathematics: analysis and approaches will be those who enjoy the thrill of mathematical problem solving and generalization.

Mathematics: (AI-HL/SL) Applications and Interpretation is for students who are interested in developing their mathematics for describing our world and solving practical problems. They will also be interested in harnessing the power of technology alongside exploring mathematical models. Students who take Mathematics: applications and interpretation will be those who enjoy mathematics best when seen in a practical context. New IB Diploma Subject Guide first exams May 2021.

IB Mathematics Concepts:

Concepts promote the development of a broad, balanced, conceptual and connected curriculum. They represent big ideas that are relevant and facilitate connections within topics, across topics and also to other subjects within the DP.

  • Approximation: This concept refers to a quantity or a representation which is nearly but not exactly correct.
  • Change: This concept refers to a quantity or a representation which is nearly but not exactly correct.
  • Equivalence: This concept refers to the state of being identically equal or interchangeable, applied to statements, quantities or expressions.
  • Generalization: This concept refers to a general statement made on the basis of specific examples.
  • Modelling: This concept refers to the way in which mathematics can be used to represent the real world.
  • Patterns: This concept refers to the underlying order, regularity or predictability of the elements of a mathematical system.
  • Quantity: This concept refers to an amount or number.
  • Relationships: This concept refers to the connection between quantities, properties or concepts these connections may be expressed as models, rules or statements. Relationships provide opportunities for students to explore patterns in the world around them.
  • Representation: This concept refers to using words, formulae, diagrams, tables, charts, graphs and models to represent mathematical information.
  • Space: This concept refers to the frame of geometrical dimensions describing an entity.
  • Systems: This concept refers to groups of interrelated elements.
  • Validity: This concept refers to using well-founded, logical mathematics to come to a true and accurate conclusion or a reasonable interpretation of results.

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IB Maths (AA): Syllabus Outline 

  • Number and Algebra: Functions: Geometry and Trigonometry: Statistics and Probability: Calculus