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Looking for top-notch IB English tutors in Gurgaon? We have a team of skilled and experienced tutors specializing in various aspects of IB English education. With a focus on both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL), as well as Theory of Knowledge (TOK), ACT, SAT, AP Calculus, and more, our tutors are well-equipped to guide you towards success.

Home IB English Tuitions: The IB English HL  new course being the medium of instruction for all the subjects yet it lies in a state of neglect with students all across. We at Pas class IB  English Academy understand the specific needs for each student and the tutoring is focussed based on the individual requirements of the pupil. We have tailor made curriculum that focuses on the specific weakness. All our faculty are IB Literate and are aware of the nuances of the course. We have student specific course that covers the entire syllabus. Special care and attention is administered in the weakest point from where the development begins. We at Pas class IB are capable of delivering positive results and aid in the success of the student as English is the basis of all other subjects.

Top IB English Home Tutors in Gurgaon

The International Baccalaureate Tutor: English A divides into 3 courses: English Literature; Language and Literature and Literature and Performance.Generally Schools opt for the first two courses, as they are more closely aligned with the curriculum in both pre and post IB English. The courses are divided into Standard Level and Higher Levels of study as per students understanding level. Students wishing to continue their Further English studies into University are recommended
to take the HL course, as it better prepares students for the depth of enquiry expected at degree level.

IB English Home tutoring sessions can help students with the following aspects of the class:

  • Exposure to a variety of authors and genres
  • Improving a student's ability to express them via oral and written communication
  • Developing a basic knowledge of literary criticism
  • The ability to apply critical thinking and analytical skills within a literature context


The IB English curriculum allows students to select the literary works they wish to study from a provided list. However, choosing the "easy ones" isn't really an option when your choices consist of works such as Pride and Prejudice. If you're facing the tough time for your selections, IB English Language Home tutors can give you the extra time you need to do so and understand the depth of the subject. Your IB English tutor can also answer any questions you have so that you can easily understand topic and its related concepts. In addition, you can practice your reading skills during IB English Language tutoring sessions and it helps you to sharpen your skills. High School IB English Home tutoring sessions are also a great place to practice your communication skills. In this instance, your tutor may teach you how to outline your writing assignments to assure a consistent, logical structure throughout.


IB English Literature Tutors: If you are writing an essay about one of the literary works you have been studying, an outline can also collect all of your supporting details in one place for easy reference. If you are looking for expert IB English Home Tutors in Gurgaon you are at right place. The expert and professional Educational Tutors at here are specialize in helping students like you work with experienced tutors who meet all of their academic and scheduling requirements.
If Students are experiencing difficulty in keeping up with this challenging course, Pas Class IB can refer you to a professional IB English tutor in Gurgaon to help unlock your academic potential.

Our IB English Home Tuition helps Students:

  • To develop the right attitude.
  • To enhance skills in reading, writing, speaking & listening.
  • To become an expert of the language.