IGCSE Physics Home Tutors


IGCSE Physics Home Tutors:

The Physics in IGCSE is one of the elementary and fundamental subjects to understand the functions and happening around us in the world and also it is very important for further studies in science & engineering. It is the most fundamental of the experimental sciences as it seeks to explains the universe from the very tiny particles to the vast distances of galaxies. So there is an assistance is essential to understand the complete concept. Through our IGCSE physics tutoring, students can gain a suitable learning with the advantage of our highly experienced and professional physics tutors who are deliver one on one tutoring and get in depth knowledge on the subject.      

Home Tutors are most reliable source for providing private home tutoring service for a subject like physics which is based on principles and theories. Our Private home tutors have been serving the academic needs of students with an respected few years. We have maintained our high standards of teaching in all curriculum of studies in IGCSE Syllabus. We are known for our high quality teaching with satisfactory results.

Why Choose Pas Class:

  • Our IGCSE physics tutors helps students to study and learn about the different patterns and themes of physics based on Scientific Principles
  • Our IGCSE physics tutoring assists students to appreciate the practical nature of physics, developing experimental and investigate Procedures based on correct and safe techniques
  • Our physics IGCSE tutors help students appreciate the importance of precise investigational work and reporting scientific methods that causes a functionality for any work.
  • Our physics tutors support students to develop a logical and creational approach to problem solving based on any methodology or concept

Syllabus – IGCSE Physics tutoring

  • General physics
  • Thermal physics
  • Properties of waves, including light and sound
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Atomic physics

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Our highly successful and professional teachers are always ready to help and guide students in the Physics subject with proper teaching guidance and instruction to achieve better score in their tests and academic examinations.