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IB Biology Home Tutor, Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida:

IB Biology Tutor in Gurgaon: IB Biology is the study on learning about the living World with all living and Non-Living at all levels with the help of different methods and techniques. The word biology invented by German naturalist Gottfried Reinhold in 1802, on one end of the scaled analyses of the interaction that makes the entire ecosystems function and on the other end of the complex metabolic reactions and molecular construction of the cell. We, humans are not only living organisms on the earth but depend on other species for survival threatened by some and co-existing with many.

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IB Biology Home Tutor in Noida: There are variety of approaches to teach the subject IB Biology HL & Biology SL offers itself to an specific Learning approach by its very nature and this is reflected throughout the Program. The order in which the topics are arranged is in not in a way it should be taught but left to the decision of the individual teachers to arrange in a way it goes with their situation.

Why Prefer IB (MYP) Biology Tutoring From Pas Class IB:

The biology IB exam is all about critical and Exceptional thinking. This is not a skill that comes naturally to anyone, so it’s all about practising the theories and Practicals based on Living creatures functionality when it comes to studying. Our biology IB tutors can help with all the practical exam and theory that is needed to answer the written papers, and they definitely don’t slack when it comes to the lab work either. Part of the IB exam is all about experiments, so they’ll make sure every student knows their investigations and methodologies inside out. Students can have a tough time knowing how to go about revision, so Our IB Tutors always stands with students that they can Understand the Concept and solve the problems related with that.


IB Home tutor in Delhi: The biology IB exam has a difficult specification for only one person to be able to cover efficiently. The Procedure of the exam makes a much broader qualification than what most students are used to, and students need a highly specific set of skills to do well in the exam. Unlike the traditional Teaching system that focuses on learning and memorising, the IB focuses on the wider world, which gives our tutors a lot more to work with. It’s always nice to learn from someone who’s passionate about what they do, and we hope that all students feel inspired with one of our IB biology tutors.

Benefits of Pas Class IB Biology Home Tutors:

  • As effective as face to face Home tutoring
  • flexible hours of Tutoring are provided by tutor as per students convenience
  • Improved grades guaranteed
  • Homework, assessments and assignments help
  • Assessment through Diagnostic test
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment
  • Customized lesson plans and worksheets according to student pace and level
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with the tutor, student, Parents and the Academic Managers to discuss the progress of the student and take corrective actions for improvement.