About IGCSE Home Tutor:

PAS CLASS IB is one of the leading IB Tuition centres in Delhi NCR. We offer excellent quality of education to the students in various subject of IGCSE curriculum. We strictly follow the curriculum and requirement of the International schools and thus provide the students with different helpful resources like question banks and notes. This tuition centres in Delhi NCR tries to offer a very homely atmosphere to the students. Students who need special attention and who are willing to improve get that guidance from the IB tutors of PASCLASS IB. The teachers even prepare customize programs for students who need special guidance.

IGCSE Home Tutor in Delhi NCR:

IGCSE Home teaching program is effective for the reason that it delivers extremely personalized, one-to-one teaching in the cosiness and safety of your home, free from interruptions. Teaching periods may also be arranged as per post-school amenities, reference library, or community halls. Our tutors are knowledgeable, degreed specialized mentors with unimpeachable qualifications and a wholehearted passion for coaching.

Tutors help their students to apply thinking skills critically and creatively. They believe in making their students work hard and smart with proper planning. Curriculum focuses to build confidence and result oriented system for students. They create interest towards the subjects in the minds of their students. Tutors explain same topic again and again and students are allowed to ask their doubts hundred times to improve student's grades. They help in bridging the gap between what student is achieving and student has potential to achieve.

We believe that every student is different and they differ in their learning and grasping ability. Some students learn and understand the concept very quickly, while some may need an additional support and attention to help them study effectively and perform well in their IGCSE exams. Researchers have shown that home tuition comes out to be a great option for those students who are looking to score more marks on the exam and keep pace with upcoming assignments and unit tests.

Also, in today’s hectic and competitive world, lots of students find it difficult to travel to the coaching institutes or academy as they get tired exhausting hours in their school.

So, we have a group of highly qualified and experienced IB Home tutors in Delhi NCR who have specialization in their respective subjects. Our enthusiastic home tutors are excited and motivated to teach students in the comfort of their home.

Advantages of PAS CLASS IGCSE Home tutoring:

  • Our tutors always help those students who have performed admirably in their IGCSE exams. Reviews and testimonials of students prove that our IGCSE tutors are experienced and handle the tuition needs of your child at a personal basis.
  • Most of our IGCSE tutors have been through the system and understand the level of dedication and mentoring required for international students to pass their exams.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Tutor focuses on weak points of student and work on it properly.
  • A tutor can teach student concepts in depth and more in detailed which is not taught in school hours.