IGCSE Biology Home Tutors


IGCSE Biology Home Tutor:

Biology is a tricky subject for many of the Students at all academic levels. From plants and organisms to evolution and genes, each topic is packed with lots of Micro to Macro info. Much like any other science Subjects, biology is one of those subjects where there’s always more to be learnt so far, so sometime it may so critical to understand. Our biology Home tutors are available across Whole Delhi NCR for all ages and abilities, so there’s never any reason to get down about revision.

Pas Class Biology tutors aims to give students knowledge and understanding of biological facts, concepts, principles and develops their experimental skills in the Biology Subject thatthey can study and learn Methods easily. Our IGCSE Biology course will help Students build their interest of the study of Organisms on the earth and learn the significance of precise experimental work in scientific technique and reporting. Students will study about the human body as well as the plant and animal Species at every level from microscopic to larger forms. Through our IGCSE Biology Tutoring, students will look at the features and range of living & Non-Living organisms and at their structures and roles.

As per the needs and wants of each and every student, we have modified our teaching methodology, making the students makes an interest for the subject and encouraging them the prescribed Blue Print of IGCSE Curriculum with full assistance.

Benefits of Choosing Pas Class Biology Tutoring:

  • Pas Class Biology tutoring always focuses on the importance of experimental work to scientific method and reporting system
  • Our Biology tutors prepare students in biological knowledge and understanding, the benefits and drawbacks of scientific and technological developments, including those related to social, environmental and economic issues
  • Our IGCSE curriculum helps students to form theories and execute practical experiments to check their learning and understanding level
  • Pas Class IGCSE Biology tutoring helps students to Gain knowledge and understanding of biological details, ideas and principles that they can implement in the exams.