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Computer Science

IGCSE Online Computer Science Tutoring:

Our online IGCSE computer science tutoring helps students to follow the basic and advanced IGCSE Computer Science syllabus and let them help to advance their understanding in the main principles of problem-solving throughout whole computer science subject. Our computer science online IGCSE tutors help students in applying their understanding to progress on computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming languages. Students also learn a wide range of technical skills help them to effectively test and assess computing solutions.

Benefits of our OnlineComputer Science Tutoring:

  • Through our IGCSE online tutoring students gain confidence in computational thinking and programming.
  • Our online IGCSE computer science tutors guide students to develop their understanding of the main principles of problem-solving using computerized Skills and logics.
  • Pas Class Online computer science tutors guide students to apply their understanding to develop computer-based solutions for the problems using different algorithms and a high-level programming language.
  • Our computer science tutors help students to develop a range of technical skills as well as the logical ability to test effectively and to evaluate computing solutions
  • Pas Class online tutoring helps students appreciate current and emerging computing technologies and the benefits of their use in today's environment
  • Our online classes make students recognize the ethical issues and potential risks while using computer based Skills and Concepts

About Our tutors:

Our world class tutors from top famous colleges and Universities across the world makes all the difference in true learning. With our Online computer science tutors students and parents feel confidence that they offers best educational methods from those who love to teach. Our online IGCSE computer science tutors are not only tutors but they are mentors, motivators and confidence builders. Our tutors who are selected through a rigorous process of a reference check, multiple interviews and mock tests so that they know how to challenge and inspire the students with skills to conquer all educational obstacles and to get them reach better grades.

How We Work:

  • Our session starts with a diagnostic test and a free session on academics and technical demo
  • Personalized one on one tutoring anywhere anytime
  • Tutoring session are charted and make a full sheet of whole year curriculum depending on students convenience
  • Students and parents get access to student and parental portal
  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support to each and every student

Syllabus – IGCSE Computer Science

  • Section 1 – Theory of Computer Science
  • Section 2 – Practical Problem-solving and Programming