Experience Personally Tailored Lessons from Exceptional Tutors in a One-On-One Online Setting

There was a time when students go to the Tutor’s place or coaching institute for getting the tutoring session. Also in some cases tutor goes to the student’s home for tutoring session. This process was really difficult, time consuming and uncomfortable for both student and tutor. This might be the consequences that student will not get the proper session and also Expert tutor will not deliver their knowledge because of traveling.

But in present days technology is attach with our life and makes our life easier. Through technology we also get ease in getting education with different internet channels.

IB is an international curriculum. Students have to work hard to getting the knowledge of subjects in depth. So, they prefer to take IB Online Tutoring session because of the comfort and ease of delivering knowledge at their home.

And if you are looking for a leading IB Online Tutor institute then you are at right place. Pas Class IB is the award winning institute which is specialized in IB Online Tutoring.

As a matter of fact we aim at delivering dynamic, passionate and professional IB Tutoring session to our students.

We provide Online IB Tutors for the moderation of your IB IA, TOK and Extended Essays (EE). We know that regularity of efforts is the key to get success in the exams.

So, Our IB Online Tutors provide homework to our students at the end of the online session. It can be in the form of worksheet or assessment prepared by the tutors himself.

Tutors check the answers provided by students thoroughly and provide feedback about errors and best solutions as well in next online tutoring session.

Our Academic Co-coordinator addresses the inquiry posted and administers a diagnostic test to ascertain the level of student’s subject knowledge.

When you work with your tutor, you are able to receive lessons that best suit your schedule. This means that you have access to the academic support you require within a time frame you want.

Furthermore, you are able to study in a location that works best for you with 24/7 time frame. Whether you enjoy learning in the comfort of your own time and place, your tutor is happy to help you.

Sometimes you may have a busy week and are unable to make your appointment. Fortunately, this is not a problem, as you can arrange time slot with your tutor that works best for you.

IB online tutoring benefits:

• Personalized one to one online tutoring is much effective as face to face tutoring
• Very convenient, easily accessible lesson plans, from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 tutoring help and technical support
• Our online tutoring Classes are offered according to students needs and place of choice – home, school, or University
• It’s really simple that students needs a broadband connection with a Headphone, Speaker, optional pen tablet, and webcam
• It’s safe – learning at convenient hours without the risk of commuting
• Improved grades guaranteed
• Homework help and assignment help